Friday, April 3, 2009

Obama prepares "stern" response

Today the Obama Administration warned that there would be a "stern response" if North Korea should proceed with their planned test launch of a long-range missile.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cautioned Pyongyang that the President had been preparing "a swift and unequivocal display of strength which will clearly communicate that we are really upset."

Hillary indicated that Obama had been working on his "pouty face", but abandoned that plan when military advisors suggested that it might not be firm enough.

Instead, the President has started rehearsing his "grouchy face" which he can assume on a monent's notice, when instructed by his teleprompter.

Reports that the President may resort to one of Bill Clinton's favorites, the finger wag, if North Korea should actually launch a nuclear strike against America were unconfirmed. A White House source, speaking on the condition of anonimity, said "We're not ready to pull out the Big Guns quite yet."


  1. That look by Hillary should be enough to knock down any N Korean rockets.

  2. Perhaps he's not too worried because he mistakenly believes his teleprompter doubles as a missile shield...